Welcome to the official Neronian Raid donation store! On this store you can purchase gems for the Neronian Raid Minecraft which serve as a form of virtual currency. Gems are 100% Minecraft EULA compliant and can only be spent on cosmetic items. Here you can also purchase the 'Nero Pass' which is the season pass for Neronian Raid. It is a one-off fee that provides you with weekly claimable rewards as well as many other 'Nero Pass Holder'-exclusive perks!

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal accounts, as well as the methods described in the below image, as valid payment methods. If you wish to pay using a method below but don't have a PayPal account then please proceed to the PayPal checkout when you got order and choose 'Pay as Guest'.


If you are unable to use any of these methods then please contact our support team using the email provided above.

I didn't receive my Gems/Nero Pass?

Any purchases made on the store should be processed within 5 minutes (often instantly) and you do not need to be online in Minecraft at the time of purchase for the order to be processed. If you did not receive a purchase you have made then please email our support team using the email provided above or directly message a member of staff (via Discord or in-game).